Visits And Speaking

Steve has used his art and speaking to engage with schools, youth groups, bookstores, libraries, camps, and churches.

School Visits

Steve has done presentations for very large assemblies as well as single classrooms, from kindergarten all the way through high school and college illustration classes. He loves every part of communicating and teaching about art and children’s books.

Throughout the typical school visit, Steve is drawing and engaging with the students. He describes the process of making a picture book, from the story, through idea sketches, to the final art. If it is a larger assembly, Steve will do a short Powerpoint presentation of his art and influences. There is always significant “hands on” teaching time for students to use their pencil and paper and learn new art “tools.” He often brings samples of original art. Steve ends the presentation with a hilarious and highly interactive “Create an Animal” quick draw. All art done on site is given to the school.

Whenever Steve does a book signing, he ALWAYS includes a small drawing in EVERY book.

Church Presentations

Steve occasionally speaks for youth groups or church gatherings. These presentations bring familiar narratives to visual life, making a fresh impact. He has often told the Christmas story while drawing the line over prepainted giant panels spread across the platform, making the image appear into focus as Steve draws and narrates the wonderful story.

Steve has a limited schedule, but feel free to contact him by email to inquire about a school visit or speaking engagement.